Educational programs in watchmaking and polishing

Full Training 3'000-hour Program

A full-time training which gives the opportunity to acquire the expertise of a watchmaker.

Customer Service Polishing Technician

Acquire a quality know-how with external watch part polishing.

Training programs for practising watchmakers and polishers

The Schaublin 70 Lathe

For people in charge of training and those who wish to advance in micromechanics.


A must for watchmakers who intend to work on higher-quality products.

Precision Timing

Learn the proper functioning and how to proceed confidently with all adjustments on the Swiss lever escapement and regulating organ.


Lapping course

The one and only preparation technique that maintains the flatness of your components.

Different techniques related to polishing

To enable participants to improve their skills and discover various techniques related to polishing by means of practical exercices.

Training program for instructors or workshop supervisors

Train the Trainers - Teachers development program

An essential program for conducting adult training sessions, enabling practising watchmakers in charge of training to develop a structured approach and acquire key teaching strategies.

Introductory programs for sales and administrative people


Introduction to watchmaking

For the first time ever, the FHH Academy and the WOSTEP Foundation are joining forces to offer a day of introduction to watchmaking !

Introduction to polishing

Acquire basic knowledge on polishing through a combination of theoretical material and practical exercise.