Watchmaker program



Aim of the program:


Upon completing the program, participants will be qualified watchmakers.


Program  :


The program is based on extensive practical work at the bench, which will enable students to master all types of modern Swiss mechanical and electronic watches.

Watchmaking theory will be taught as the program unfolds.

Please see the PDF document below for details.


Application requirements:


Please note that this program is very intensive and requires strong motivation.


Candidate must be over 21 years old,


Have a previous professional experience outside the watchmaking field (no watchmaking experience rquired).


And be able to speak and write English fluently. Proficiency level shoudl correspond to:


IELTS: International English Language Testing System: 5.0 - 6.0

CEFR: Common European Framework or Reference for Languages: B2


Space is limited. Short-listed candidates will be requested to take a 2-day test at WOSTEP to evaluate their abilities and manual dexterity, as part of the final selection process. 


Candidates from Hong Kong may be eligible for the Albert Hausammann Hong Kong Trust scholarship. For further information, please visit: Albert Hausammann Hong Kong Trust Sponsorship





CHF 34'600.- (without accommodation) The fee includes the following:

  • Tutition, support for administrative procdures on arrival and administrative expenses
  • Toolkit and horlogery theory books
  • Special courses on specific products, visits to companies and manufactures 
  • Ressources (infrastructure, tools, machines, movements, spare parts and components)



Certificate :


The WOSTEP certificate will be awarded to those participants who have completed the required exercises during the program and passed each examination.


Applications deadline :  30th April 2024 for the 2025-2027 session are now closed.



Informationen zum Kurs sind auch auf Deutsch verfügbar, au Anfrage unter wostep@wostep

Informazioni sul corso sono disponibili anche in italiano, su richiesta all'indririzzo

Información es sobre el curso también están disponibles en castellano, previa solicitud en