WOSTEP School watch Nr. 100 for ONLY WATCH

The WOSTEP Foundation is proud to have had the opportunity to support Only Watch with this unique commemorative timepiece from the WOSTEP watchmaking school in Switzerland. The WOSTEP School watch for Only Watch is a collaboration of 16 WOSTEP alumni, today renowned watchmakers and close friends, who all signed this unique timepiece in support of the Only Watch charity auction that was held on 11th November 2017 in Geneva.

In addition to its primary mission as a Swiss watchmaking education center, WOSTEP has united and developed an international community of watchmakers who have become lifelong friends. This Only Watch timepiece is the result of a group of these friends, the idea of an individual quickly shared and adopted by the group with an enthusiasm which personifies the friendship and unity of a very special “band of watchmaking brothers”. The timepiece embodies the comradery of an industry, our humanity and a noble cause.


Our thanks go out to the members of the WOSTEP Foundation whose support keeps the craft of watchmaking alive and who have enabled so many highly talented watchmakers to embrace an exceptional career; watchmakers such as those of the “Band of Watch Brothers” who have signed the timepiece created for this special occasion. 

The “Band of Watch Brothers”:

Stephen Forsey, Bart Grönefeld, Tim Grönefeld, Marco Koskinen, Stewart Lesemann, Marko Makinen, Stephen McDonnell, John McGonigle, Maarten Pieters, Clas-Hendrik Pihl, Jouni Polanen, Mika Saikku, Stepan Sarpaneva, Peter Speake-Marin, Kari Voutilainen and Simo Ylitalo.

A special thankyou, for their close collaboration, to the other brands, partners and people who have participated in this special project.   

  1. Collaboration with ETA : the non-specific W01 WOSTEP School watch components are made available by the ETA Training & Education Department.
  2. The case and hands have been made and offered by Audemars Piguet.
  3. The unique enamel dial has been created and offered by Donzé Cadrans, exclusively for the Only Watch Foundation
  4. Jewels : Crelier Fils SA
  5. Presentation box offered by Philippe Bolay, Vaudaux SA
  6. Engraving offered by Charles André Mosset, Cronal SA
  7. Fiona Kruger vectorized signatures
  8. Guy Lucas de Peslouan photographer

WOSTEP School watch individual identification numbers :

Each student enrolled in the 3000-hour program has the opportunity to create their own « W01 » school watch as part of their watchmaking education at WOSTEP.   An individual identification number is assigned to each watch and recorded at WOSTEP with the name of the student to whom it was allocated.

The culturally neutral number N° 0100  was selected for Only Watch, to mark this very special occasion and timepiece. 


Further information on : www.onlywatch.com